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Tips For Designing Your Mini-Office At Home In 2021

Setting up a mini-office at home can take up quite a bit of your time and energy. Be it by scrolling through different apps and websites for inspiration or knowing where exactly to procure what furniture from. We at FWD have done all the heavy work for you and compiled this blog to skim before getting at it yourself!

Before the pandemic was a thing, home offices still existed. These mostly served people who either freelanced with several companies or had their own businesses of sorts. But in 2021, as was the case in 2020, having a mini-office at home is not just a whim but an absolute necessity.

When thinking of getting things together to set up a ‘phenomenal’ mini-office, you need to make sure that the place will be worth witnessing all the magic that you make happen. For that, you need to be happy with these three qualities:

  • comfort — to get you through those long hours at ease
  • aesthetic — the colours and patterns that make your heart happy
  • efficiency — to make sure you: Get. Stuff. Done

Go through the ideas below to know exactly how to go about setting up a mini-office at home in 2021:

Finding the spot

This will, frankly, require some brainstorming from your side too but we have two pointers for you to be able to better choose the spot you can call yours – at least during office hours!
Make sure the place where you will be placing office tables in Hyderabad, has enough natural light. So it should ideally be near a window, not a door. Why not a door, you may ask? It is because you will either keep the door closed for privacy which means no natural light coming in! Or, if you keep the door open, there won’t be quiet, which is the second pointer to ensure you’re not disturbed during work hours.
Maybe take a walk after you reach certain small milestones in work to make sure everyone at home (and your legs and back) are doing okay!


Given the fact that working from home can often get hectic and frankly overwhelming, it is best to declutter your workspace. Keep in mind that this space should have ONLY the essentials: you know, the things you find yourself reaching out for during a busy day at work? Maybe a water bottle with the city-famous Arabic mehndi patterns in soothing colours that you might be reaching out from your respective office chairs in Hyderabad, but at home!

Choosing the aesthetic

Make sure you choose furniture, colours, and patterns that light up your day at any given moment and keep sprucing it up whenever you like.
In case you are looking for office chairs in Hyderabad, or maybe even office tables in Hyderabad we have the perfect place for you to shop from: FWD. Here, you can shop locally and ethically: two trends that have taken the shopping experience by storm. And can also choose from a range of modern, ergonomic furniture for your home office.
Coming to colours and patterns, use more “natural” colours, such as blues, greens, off-whites, and other earthy tones. Also, use simple pieces that reflect your style. Be it local handicrafts like Cheriyal paintings and lacquerware, or boho decor like macrame and potted, indoor plants.

When there is a lockdown imposed and work is to be done from home, we often tend to get demotivated. The reduced functionality of the world around us – does affect us. But FWD is here to solve all those woes. Finding office chairs in Hyderabad or office tables in Hyderabad to craft your very own corner of productivity has never been easier!

In times of restricted movements, reduced capacities, and a general sense of being low: setting up your own, beautiful corner that you can call your home office can be a true-blue mood lifter!