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5 Factors to Help You Choose the Perfect TV Unit

A TV unit defines the entire living room’s vibe. That’s why sifting through modern TV units can be a huge task. To ease your job, our furniture experts at FWD have pinpointed the right one for you with five factors.

So, here’s unpacking these factors:

5 Things to Consider Before Picking Modern TV Units


TV Size
A lovely TV unit that doesn’t fit your room won’t work. That’s why we’ve put size as the first factor. While picking a floor TV unit, pick one that’s slightly larger than your TV. If you’re going for a wall-mounted unit instead, you could have your TV unit built around your TV.
Though going for minimalistic design makes sense, don’t forget about the storage capacity for entertainment devices and decorative elements.

Room Size
TV units don’t work in isolation. They have to look proportionate and stylish in your room. To handle the proportionate part, measure your room before you step out to get a TV unit.
Understand what TV unit size would satisfy your needs and make your room feel spacious simultaneously. Don’t forget to scrutinise your options with the TV viewing angle parameter.

Appearance and Type

To accomplish a seamlessly blended room look, be specific about your personal taste and the room’s décor.
Now, figure out if you’d prefer open shelves or closed cabinets by considering space available too.
While picking a TV unit, you’ll have to pick amongst two broad categories: floor units and wall units. With a floor TV unit, you get additional storage for your gadgets, wires, and other family stuff. However, with tv wall units designs, you get a spacious wall-mounted design perfect for small spaces.
For spacious living rooms in family homes, we’d recommend floor TV units. However, for small spaces or bedrooms, we’d urge you to sift through tv wall units designs to finalize one.

TV Unit Material

Achieving on-point décor isn’t a coincidence! To make it happen for your place, prefer modern TV units made from materials that go well with your room.

Here are your choices:
Wooden Units
Want to go the traditional, rustic, and cosy style way? Pick wooden TV units. As a long-lasting option, we’d recommend hardwood over MDF. You could also choose from maple, oak, mahogany, and other excellent options.

Want an expensive-looking unit without spending much? Go for thin slabs of peculiar woods to create an affordable yet attractive look.

Want something contemporary and different? Try getting something done with metal or other materials.

Storage Space Needs

Your TV unit can help you with storage pretty well. Before picking a TV unit, consider if you’re like to go for open shelves, drawers, or closed cabinets. If you’re having a custom unit built, try working out a combination to make it work for you.
Open shelves are great to store easy-access items like DVDs and magazines. On the other hand, closed drawers and cabinets are best to hide clutter and make things out of reach for little children.
Look for modern TV units that have cut-outs in strategic places to hide wires and maintain a tidy look. In any case, always consider how the TV cabinet design modern would look in your place.

Seating Arrangements

Most modern living rooms revolve around the TV viewing experience. So, it’s critical to place your TV unit in such a way that it facilitates that well.
Here’s how you strike the balance: While you’re seated, ensure your TV screen’s lower half aligns properly with your sightline. To achieve this outcome, pair a tall seating arrangement with a tall TV unit and a low one with a short TV unit.

Final Thoughts


Use these tips to pick the right TV unit and build happy memories with your loved ones.