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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Chairs

Office furniture decides the look, feel, and character of a business—moreover, the decision you make impacts other offices and future purchases too. So, as an employer, this decision is a long-term one. Though purchasing may be fun, long term consequences can make the task quite overwhelming.
In this office chair buying guide, we help you avoid these mistakes and ensure you’re picking the right office chairs.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Chairs

Not Picking the Right Material and Colour

The material and colour of your office chairs play a significant role in creating your office’s ambience. Moreover, your employees spend a lot of time in your office working for your organisational goals. Wouldn’t you want them to sit on comfortable chairs that have the right design to motivate them?
So, be careful while picking out the material and colour. Don’t try to skimp on money in this case, as it can have disastrous consequences on office morale and productivity.
Sit on those chairs, test them out, and buy only if you find them comfortable enough to sit on it long-term.

Not Considering Office Dimensions

Imagine this: you enthusiastically buy a chair, and when it gets delivered, you realise it isn’t the correct size. You wouldn’t want that, right? So, always measure your office dimensions before you think of purchasing your office chairs.
Your time is precious, and wasting it in exchanges and picking office furniture twice simply doesn’t make sense. If you don’t know what size you should buy, consider asking the furniture store guys to give you an understanding of what’ll work for you.
In fact, before finalising, you can also ask them to measure your place and suggest options.

Not Choosing an Office Chair with a Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you thought only gadgets had warranties, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Many office chairs (and a lot of furniture too) come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
Moreover, it’s critical to get chairs with warranties because it covers the regular wear and tear they usually go through. With a warranty on your hands, you’re prepared for situations when you need to replace or repair your chairs.

Not Spending Enough on Back-saving Features

For most blue-collar workers, back pain is a huge issue that majorly impacts their health. So, as employers, consider getting ergonomically designed and fully adjustable office chairs. That way, you ensure your employees are truly comfortable working long hours.
Plus, it’ll send a message that you truly care about your employees, and as a result, it’ll motivate them to work harder for you. So, invest in back-saving features because it’s an excellent and must-have feature to have.

Not Picking Comfort over Looks

Picking the most attractive office chair would be anyone’s first instinct. However, office chairs aren’t always about beauty and appearance. We’d suggest you pick comfort overlooks in this matter. Sure, they couldn’t be the best-looking chairs, but they’ll give you a greater return on your investment.
If you find something that’s comfortable and looks excellent, that’s a bonus! Nevertheless, given a choice, we’d pick comfort over looks any day.

Not Buying with a Plan

Impulsive decisions are never good. They’re awful when it comes to huge investments like office chairs. Always consider different factors like whether it’ll work for all employees in the future and how it’ll be used to decide.
Before even purchasing, try to brainstorm the type of office chair you’d get.

Final Thoughts

While buying office chairs, think about it from a long-term perspective, and don’t skimp on quality. And when quality comes into the picture, do remember FWD always provides you with the best quality furniture.