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How to Make Your Living Room Kid-Friendly

Children bring joy and colour into our lives, and we couldn’t be more grateful for them. However, with a kid in the house, things change for a couple dramatically. So, naturally, your home also must evolve to keep up with it.
For your convenience, we’ve created this checklist of seven ways to adapt your living room for your little one.

7 Ways to Adapt your Living Room Kid-friendly

Prefer Round Tables

Kids crawl, walk and bump into a lot of things. It’s one of the biggest reasons that threaten their safety. Though you’d hate for your kid to get hurt, you wouldn’t want to restrict their movement to their crib. An excellent way to baby-proof your living room is to choose round tables for them.
Protect your little ones from sharp corners by including round tables in your living room sets today!

Invest in Furniture with Storage

As you expand your family, you’ll also need to expand your storage to accommodate their clothes, toys, books, and stuff. So, ensure you try to get furniture pieces with storage. This way, you’ll get a little more assistance in keeping your place clean and tidy.
Since living room furniture sets are pretty accessible, you can easily store frequently used items there.

Rug it Up!

We love bare floors a lot in certain rooms. However, they may not be a perfect choice if you have kids. Not only are they hard and can hurt your child’s knees, but they also don’t occupy your child’s time fully.
If you had rugs in your living room, your child could play on them without getting hurt. Meanwhile, you could get the much-deserved break you deserve.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

A general rule to pick kid-friendly furniture is to avoid sharp corners and prefer comfort. Someday your kid may bump into your living room furniture. Some stylish and comfortable furniture items you could pick include soft pouffes and ottomans.
Tip: Test every furniture piece before buying it. In any case, don’t compromise on comfort. Also, if you have sharp-cornered photo frames or decorative items, keep them away from your child’s reach.

Tighten the Grip on Bookshelves

Every new parent is concerned about their kid’s safety. It’s the biggest reason most parents baby-proof their apartments. Most kids tend to climb and reach out for stuff.
If they try something like that with your bookshelf and it isn’t secured properly, they may get seriously injured. So, if you anticipate such a situation, ensure you bolt down your bookshelves and cabinets.

Pick Durable Fabrics

Your kid will not just test your parenting skills. They’ll also test how high-quality your upholstery is. As a parent, dealing with poop, spills, and dirt is a daily affair for you. In such cases, you must ensure your upholstery fabric doesn’t increase your work.
So, we recommend that you pick engineered fabrics and test the strength of the material before purchasing.

Keep your Living Room Clutter-free

Your lively child needs space to roam around. If you have too many accessories in your living room, it may come in the way of them enjoying their space thoroughly. Moreover, the more accessories you have, the more babyproofing you need to do.
So, minimising your living room would be an excellent idea.

Final Thoughts

While securing their health is critical, their safety is an equally crucial concern. So, use our tips and ensure your kid has the room to grow safely. When you plan on buying new furniture or change the existing one, always remember, FWD has got your back!