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7 Tips for Easy Living Room Decoration

Decorating a living room can be quite an exciting venture. If you’re creative, we’re sure your mind is already brimming with ideas. Without being careful, though, you run the risk of overspending and not achieving the desired look.
So, we gathered our experts to help you optimise your living room’s decoration master plan. Here’s what they recommend.

7 Living Room Decoration Ideas You Must Try

Re-arrange Sofas and Chairs

Want to change your living room’s look without spending any money? Try to re-arrange your unique modern furniture for living room in a balanced way to encourage conversation and intimacy.
Though you’ll find different arrangement layouts on the internet, we recommend using h-shaped and u-shaped seating. That’s because they look symmetrical, intimate, and are easy to achieve.

Place your Furniture Around a Centre Table

Whether you’re hosting a party or relaxing with your family, you’ll always need a living room centre table. With a wooden centre table for living room, you’ll enjoy a hands-free evening while serving your guests and family.
Moreover, getting a table with storage options makes it easier for families to properly leverage the extra storage facilities. If you already have it, use DIY mats and covers to decorate them further.

Use Mirrors in the Living Room

If lighting’s an issue in your house, try adding a mirror to the living room. According to a San-Francisco stager, a mirror ensures the light bounces around the room and brightens it up. This way, you illuminate your place with absolute ease.
If you have windows in your living room, place your mirror perpendicular to it.

Add Pops of Colour

Yes, we know how versatile neutrals are. However, they might be plain and boring, and we want anything but that for your living room. So, figure out what colours speak to you and get pieces to represent them there.
Now, it’s quite easy to go overboard here. So, experiment with one piece of furniture and see where it takes you.
P.S.: You could add a few pieces of bean bag furniture of your chosen colour to extend seating in your living room too.

Decorate a Bare Wall

We have nothing against minimalistic decorations. However, we have an issue with bare walls. They simply don’t reflect your personality and may even give off motel vibes. So, add old photo collages, artwork, souvenirs, memorabilia, and other stuff to personalise your living room.
You can even tie it to a theme that means a lot to you and pick accessories accordingly.

Accessorise your Dining Room Table

If your house has a dining-cum-living room, you also need to pay attention to it while decorating your living room. Without spending a lot of money, you can easily accessorise your dining table using DIY mats, covers, cutlery, and countless other options.
Additionally, you could also change the lighting over your wooden dining table with a glass top to give your room a new look.

Experiment with Patterns

Looking for a low commitment, low cost, and a fun way to spruce up your living room? You could use temporary wallpapers with different patterns. Once you’re over the wallpaper design, change it and keep experimenting till you find the one.
Then, you can use permanent wallpaper or paint when you’re ready to commit.

Parting Words

Living room decoration is a fun project. Our advice is to start with small changes and gradually progress as you gain confidence in your artistic abilities. If you need a hand or two, we at FWD are ready to help you out in selecting the right furniture fit for your home sweet home.