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How to Purchase the Right Kind of Recliner

The Friends reunion special’s frenzy is huge! As we look back to this iconic series, we can’t help but remember how cool the Barcaloungers looked in it. We’re almost tempted to get a recliner sofa single chair for ourselves!
Don’t know what to look for? Here are seven things we’d look for in our new recliner:

6 Criteria to Use to Pick the Right Recliner for your Home


Before buying a recliner, assess how much space you can allot to it. Apart from the living room space, also check its size to ensure it fits you well. Have a huge space? You could get a recliner sofa 3+2+1, and it’ll be perfect for your family too.
Pro Tip: Pick a recliner with an adjustable recline feature to reduce the load on your knees.


Searching for the best ways to spend less on a recliner chair is natural. However, when you do so, don’t compromise on comfort and quality. Like the other good things in life, a quality recliner will also have a higher price tag. However, it pays off in the long term because it’ll be so comfortable and require minimum maintenance.

Body Type

Every recliner isn’t made for your body type. Whether you’re petite, tall, or heavy, keep that in mind while picking the right recliner chair in India. In every case, ensure it’s comfortable to the person who’ll use it the most.


When it comes to lounge chairs, comfort is an absolute must. However, the heart can’t just settle with that, right? So, think about your preferred colors, textures, and fabrics before getting home your new recliner.
An item of large furniture like a recliner defines the décor of your room. So, look at your current living room and see what would look aesthetically pleasing there. When in doubt, always opt for classic and neutral shades and soft textures.

Back Support

After comfort, you might also want proper back support for better posture and a painless back. If that’s one of your core needs, try out recliners with varied levels of back support to find the perfect fit.
Our recommendation: Optimize your health and comfort by picking a zero-gravity chair. You’ll be able to start relaxing the moment you use it.

Recliner Chair Type

Furniture stores offer numerous types of recliner chairs. While having choices is great, it may also confuse you. Here’s a breakdown of the types of recliners so you can choose well:

Manual recliners

  • Operate without electricity,
  • Come in three settings: sitting, sitting with legs out, and lying on the back with legs out.

Swivel recliners

  • Offer everything the manual recliners do,
  • Swivel around in any direction (360-degree rotation).

Electronic recliners

  • Powered by electricity,
  • Can be raised or lowered with a button push,
  • Could include advanced features like USB ports,
  • Ideal for the disabled or elderly.

Recliners with a separate footstool

  • In some options, legs rise and come out from the base,
  • In others, it may include a footstool.
  • Great for extra seating purposes.

In the End

Lounge chairs or recliners are an excellent addition to your living room furniture. Though it may seem like an unnecessary purchase, it’s nothing but that. Using a comfortable recliner every day can offer you the much-needed rest you deserve after a tiring day.
Moreover, excellent lounge chairs can last up to ten years! So, don’t think of it as furniture but think of it as an investment in your mental health and wellbeing. At FWD, discover a vast collection of luxurious recliners that will provide you with much-needed comfort after a long day.