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Furniture Arrangement Ideas for a Small Living Room

Setting your small living room furniture can seem quite tricky. However, it’s much easier than decorating a large one. In fact, you have excellent budget-friendly options to arrange furniture in such rooms.
In this article, we explore several such arrangement ideas for your small living room that’ll brighten up your happy space more.

Small Living Room Ideas You Must Try

Option #1: Small Living Room Arrangement with Ample Storage

Place a three-seater sofa in the middle of your living room. Add a small cabinet behind your sofa and personalise your space. If space permits, add a rug, chairs, and a TV unit.

Why We Love This Idea?
This type gives you the best of both worlds: plenty of seating choices and ample storage options. Moreover, with the addition of the table, you can easily personalise your space with lighting choices.
It’s ideal for singles and couples. If you can accommodate a slightly larger table, it can easily work for a small family with one to two kids.

Execution Tips
If you’re picking out furniture for this style, here’s what we recommend:

  • Since we look at furniture as long-term investments, we urge you to pick something quite comfortable for you.
  • For accent chairs, we recommend you pick something light and stylish. Armless chairs, slipper chairs, and transparent chairs could be a great addition to your small living room.

Option #2: Small Living Arrangements for a Family

Place your L-shaped sofa in the middle of the room and add a small coffee table in its front. To the back of your sofa, place a small and casual dining table set. If you have more space, complete your arrangement with a TV unit in the sofa’s front. To extend seating, you could also add an ottoman.

Why We Love This Idea?
This arrangement is perfect for small families because:

  • The sectional L-shaped sofa facilitates board game nights and fun times.
  • The dining table behind the sofa is ideal to eat and bond over food.

Execution Tips
To choose your pieces for this style, make sure you:

  • Select your main piece like the sofa first. Try to keep it neutral to ensure you have more patterns, textures, styles, and colours to choose from.
  • Pick an ottoman or a coffee table that’s transparent to make it seem like you have more space.

Option #3: Kid-friendly Small Living Room Arrangement

Place your sectional sofa in the corner. On a window-less wall, add at least two storage options like cabinets, almirahs, or others. To extend seating options, use an ottoman.
You may also add a side table with shelves to complete the look.

Why We Love This Idea?
Small families having kids need to squeeze every ounce of space they can. That’s why this layout makes sense. In a small living room, you get to use two storage options: one to store kids’ stuff and the other for the TV and other items.
Moreover, there’s the side table for lighting purposes that can also double down as an avenue to host drinks.

Execution Tips
Here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind to recreate this look:

  • Get in touch with local furniture makers to avail of discounts and special pricing.
  • Consider wall-mounted clementine crates or old filing cabinets.
  • Get the creative juices flowing and DIY your furniture to make it more personal.


Final Thoughts

Efficient furniture arrangements bring out the best in even the smallest of places. Hope this guide helped you plan well for your small living room, and as for the vast collection from where you get to choose your perfect piece of furniture, FWD is just around the corner!