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5 Tips to check your furniture quality before purchase

Buying any kind of furniture, whether it may be office furniture or home furniture, is an investment for the future. More than just creating a checklist and ticking items off the furniture you’re buying, this process requires more attention and research, or else, you might just end up making a bad investment!

Also, one of the major things to consider when buying furniture is quality.

If you want your furniture to stay with you forever (or even for a few years) it is not just optional, but mandatory for you to know how to check for quality in furniture.

Here are a few methods you can follow to buy that high-quality furniture you always dreamed about!

1. Check out those springs!

Springs are an integral part of any sofa. They are what gives the sofa that signature ‘Bounciness’.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to check the quality of those springs before deciding to purchase.

Every sofa would have a coiled spring, while the bouncier ones would have Zig Zag springs. The simple way to quality check would be to remove the sofa cushion and push it down on the coil. If it springs back immediately, that means it’s of good quality. If not, keep walking till you find one that springs up!

2. Wobble away!

When purchasing a table or a chair or even a couch, put pressure on various parts of the furniture and see if it wobbles. If it does wobble, that means that the balance is not proper. Improper balance usually indicates to poor quality products.

And any furniture that wobbles is not worth buying as those rarely last long.

3. Open Shut Repeat

When buying furniture with cabinets, open and close them a few times to make sure that they are operating smoothly. Good quality cabinets should open and close smoothly without any friction, whatsoever.

While doing so, ensure that the hinges do not have any rough edges, are right, and not rusted.

4. The heavier the better!

You might also need to bring along a friend for this part!

The heavier the furniture is, the higher the chances are of it being of good quality. Good quality furniture will always be heavy. So pick one that is heavy and would require more than one person to move it.

5. Who doesn’t love a smooth “finishing”

Carefully observe the ply used for any signs of scratches or wear. The finishing is supposed to be smooth and if there are signs of wear or any scratches that means the quality of the finishing is not up to the mark and therefore, not worth your hard-earned cash!

With these tips at your disposal, you can now go over to your nearest FWD furniture store and come home with the quality furniture you always wanted!

Sure, you can buy furniture online, but there is only so much that one can understand about quality from just a picture of a product.

When it comes to a long-term investment like furniture, the old ways are always the best!