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4 tips to consider while buying office chairs

Since the majority of your/your employee’s day would be spent sitting on this chair, buying office chairs is one of the most important furniture purchases you can make at any given point of a person’s life.

The office chair should be the perfect balance of comfort and functionality. If it is too comfortable, the productivity will see a steep decline. And if it’s too rigid, even then the productivity would see a steep decline but this time, maybe along with a few resignation letters as well.

Here is your office chair buying guide with a few tips to buy that perfect office chair that will ensure optimum productivity with minimal discomfort

1. Try them out yourself!

Before buying, just sit in that chair. Picture yourself at your desk, typing out an important mail to your boss or working on something revolutionary. In no time, you will realize if that is the chair you want or if you want to keep browsing.

And if you do decide to keep browsing, do the same with the next chair. And the next, till you finally find the one that is the perfect fit!

2. Never underestimate the power of the common “lumbar support”

Since you will be spending the majority of your day seated in this chair, adequate back support is mandatory to ensure that you won’t end up with a sore back by the end of the day. Nothing hampers productivity more than body ailments.

You may have to pay a little extra for this support on this fully adjustable office chairs, but considering what you get in return, that is an investment worth making.

3. A budget a day keeps overspending at bay!

While buying office chairs, it is extremely easy to go over budget. There would be many new features to chairs that you might not be aware of, till the time you reach the shop and once you become aware of said features, thanks to the smooth tongued sales people at the store, you might decide that you want those!

The best way to avoid overspending is to make sure that you decide on a budget. But also, if possible, have a little wiggle room to increase it, just in case an offer sounds too good to pass.

4. What’s your ‘type’?

Another major thing to consider is the type of office chair.

A type that works well in one office might not work well in the other. And the type that works well in the other, might not be the right fit for your office.

There are various factors that need to be considered while selecting the right type. The size of the room, the height of the tables, the flooring of the office, etc. Choose the one that is the perfect fit for your use and not one that looks good somewhere else!

So these are 4 tips you can follow to buy that perfect office chair for your perfect office!

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Happy shopping!