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Top 5 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Centre Table

A center table, an essential piece of furniture, serves many purposes. Moreover, it’s the center of attention as it’s prominently placed in the center of your living room. If you are about to shop for this piece of furniture, you must consider these aspects before making your final decision, a take from FWD’s experts:

5 Tips to Consider While Picking the Perfect Centre Table


While choosing center tables in Hyderabad, always consider your house’s available space after placing the table to ensure there’s enough space for easy movement.
Ideally, your center table’s length should not be more than 2/3rd of the longest piece of sofa. By following this rule, you will leave some space around the table to act as space for stretching your legs and move around. So, consider the center table’s size to be a critical factor before buying one.


Look matters! Before you buy modern coffee furniture sets in Hyderabad, you must consider your home aesthetics. Your center table should blend seamlessly with the overall look of the house and still serve its purpose. Go for the one that elevates the look and feel of your room and doesn’t seem out of place.


Choosing the right shape for the center table is another important aspect of table shopping. You may choose different shapes such as square, rectangular, round, and oval. However, here are some tips on choosing the right shape of the center table.
If you have a sofa with an I-shape or L-shape, then opt for a rectangular center table. Further, if you have smaller sofa pieces, a round or square one will enhance the look of the space.


Furniture is always a long-term investment. So, you must go with one that is sustainable and long-lasting. To accomplish that goal, go for wood, metals, and other sturdy furniture material. Also, you may go for a glass center table that will make your small room look spacious by exuding light around. However, choose sturdy frames if you are buying coffee tables made of glass.


The purpose is, however, the most important aspect to consider before choosing the right furniture. Consider if you would require some storage space under the center table or simply need one that offers maximum surface space. In all circumstances, it should accommodate your requirements and let you and your guests have a lovely party time.

Final Remarks

Furniture shopping has always been an important aspect of creating the right interior décor. Whether you choose a bed, storage unit, sofa set, or centre table, you must consider its purpose and overall home aesthetics and create a blend of beauty and functionality. We hope that the tips mentioned above on choosing a center table have brought you some insights and prove beneficial during your next coffee table purchase.