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7 Ideas to Help You Arrange Your Furniture Like an Interior Expert

Good interior design is all about intelligent planning, optimum space utilisation, and proper furniture placement to ensure maximum functionality. To accomplish it well, you need to assess your interior space well before buying your living room furniture sets in Hyderabad.
Also, ensure that the furniture serves its purpose, looks stylish, and yet leaves you with enough space to move around. To keep your space organised and functional, do not stuff your house with extra furniture.
So, if you want to tackle the home renovation project yourself, here are the top 7 ideas from FWD’s experts to help you arrange your furniture like an interior expert:

Maintain a Balanced Look in your Furniture

Balance and symmetry are essential for beautification. Achieve that by carefully considering how you place the sofa sets, tables, and other items in your home. Consider all the vital aspects like the furniture’s size and shape, and create a balance while placing them.
Tip: do not place furniture with a larger height in line with a lower height. Arrange furniture with similar height in one place to create a uniform look.

Keeping it Clean and Minimal

Don’t impose too much furniture on your small and cute house. Instead, maintain a minimalistic decor to create an open look and, most importantly, stick to the essentials. As a result, you leave some open space in the house and make your house look spacious.

Keeping Space Between the Furniture

Spacing your furniture is critical. To do so, arrange your sofa sets around the centre table while keeping facilitating easy movement in the process. You may also opt for l shaped furniture sets if you have a bigger hall area and choose individual sofas for a smaller living area.

Create Your Dining Area More Appetizing

The dining space is where you gather as a family and bond with each other over a meal. So, you need something aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. So, choose dining table sets keeping in line with the overall house’s look and feel.
Go ahead and warm this area by placing some fresh flowers on the table for that fragrant feel
during your mealtime. Choose comfortable and sturdy chairs that support well and don’t slip off. Consider this a requirement if you’re a family with young kids whose quest for something new never ends!

The Perfect Bed Arrangement

As a general rule, try opting for a minimal yet functional combination for your bedroom. Choose a bed with storage space to accommodate all your essentials and keep the room in order.
Further, go for two small side tables with drawers and shelves to keep your specs, bedtime books, mobile phones, and other accessories. You may also place a beautiful table lamp and that’ll help you unwind at the end of a long day.

Keep Your Kitchen Functional

If you’re a family-focused on eating healthy and home-cooked meals, your kitchen will often be quite busy! After all, you cook your meals here, do the dishes, store utensils, cookware, groceries, and other utilities too.
So, make enough storage space in the kitchen to keep all the items (frequently used and less used) in their respective places. This way, you can fetch them as and when you need them.

The Future: A Work from Home Setup

Recently, the world has seen a shift in working style, as we have brought a part of our office into our home. Yes, we’re talking about the oh-so-prevalent work-from-home culture! So, create a dedicated place in the house to have a productive working day without any disturbances.
We hope this article from our experts at FWD proves beneficial in helping you arrange furniture in your home.