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This Holi, Make a Colourful Statement With Your Decor.

Holi is almost here and already plans are underway to celebrate this festival of colours with vibrancy and gusto. So how about doing something fun with colours within your home? Something that not only makes your home look beautiful but also helps you make a statement this Holi?

Make A Statement With Unusual Colours:

Not everyone can rock an oxblood, a sporty yellow or a sky-blue colour in their home. Indeed, the fact that these are some of the most unusual colours is what makes them the perfect tool to express your personality to the guests without saying a word.

But it needs to be done right to ensure that you don’t end up in a cave of darkness and gloom. Make sure you have ample natural light pouring in so that the dark colour can amplify the room without making it feel overpowering.

If your space doesn’t have much light, opt for brighter or more saturated hues like turquoise or sky blue. This will naturally reflect more light and make the vivid colour feel inviting.

Keep It Bold Yet Subtle:

Some of the best effects can be achieved with a careful play of striking and subtle colours. Use a mix of traditional colour like Beige with a trendy colour like Aqua Blue to get a perfect balance.

If you have a brightly coloured furniture, consider putting it against a lighter backdrop with bright lighting for effect. You can also put it against a mix of traditional decor to draw more attention to the vivid colour of the furniture.

This ‘jugalbandi’ between the bold and the classical colour will create the perfect contrast which will translate into a beautiful synergy in your room.

Make A Statement With Bold Decor:  

Have a striking piece of artwork or accessory? Use a backdrop of whites and blacks to make it stand out.

Choose one or two colours and use them with uniformity throughout your space. Showcase a distinct artwork, sculptural pieces, or colourful glass lamps to express your style.

Use a magenta or purple rug in a beige or pastel coloured room to get a perfect balance and to set the tone for your entire living space. Balancing the bold accessories with neutrals in your furnishing is the perfect way to make a statement without going overboard.

Often people shy away from using striking colours, however, a little effort in balancing the bright with the subtle colours is all it takes to evoke the right mood and feeling. Not just that, the bold colours will also increase the energy flow for you and your family.

Your home is the reflection of who you are. This Holi, let it represent your bold personality.