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5 Colourful Hacks To Make Your Living Room Look Fab!

The ‘living room’ is the reflection of who you are. It reflects your personality and tastes. But have you ever compromised on the decor because the size of the living room was small? Well, here are 5 colourful hacks that will not only make your living room appear larger but also super fab!

1. White Is Right:

Have you ever noticed how the rooms painted white always end up looking so much more spacious?

The beauty of the simple white colour lies in the fact that you can paint an entire wall a deep shade of red, even in a small apartment, and yet if the other three walls are white the room will still look airy enough.

But paint needn’t be the only medium of giving your living room that perfect personality. You can display your favourite artwork or sculptural piece on your all-white wall. You can use a turquoise furniture or a chandelier to add oodles of personality to your living room. Use wooden furniture with deep red curtains to lend your living room a classical look.

Contrast the all-white with bold coloured rugs and curtains. You can even use books and magazines to decorate your room.

2. Go Bold With Warm Colours:

Have a narrow living room? Consider using the warm colours like yellow or burnt orange.

Use orange cushion covers, yellow curtains or rust coloured rug against a white backdrop to create a sense of warmth. A subtle shade of lemon, citrus orange or warm amber works the best.

If you have an orange or yellow wall, furniture with darker hues can be used to and make the most of the backdrop.

3. Beat The Summer Heat With Blue Colour:

Lighter shades of blue automatically create a soothing atmosphere that not only makes the room appear larger but also naturally brightens up your space.

The colour blue is also said to bring down blood pressure and slows respiration and heart rate. It encourages a relaxing atmosphere in the living room and creates an ambience of comfort. It is also a great colour for the summers as it gives you the illusion of coolness.

Blue is also super versatile colour that goes perfectly with white or other light coloured accessories. You can also use shades or accessories in orange or green colour to achieve a perfect complement.

4. Celebrate Nature With Soothing Green:

In love with nature? Bring the most abundant colour of mother nature right into your living room. Soothing and refreshing, green colour relaxes both your mind as well as your body.

Are you a green thumb? Add a cute little bonsai tree in the living room to enamour visitors. Displayed it on a shelf, side table or in a space that allows it to stand out and induce a relaxing, zen ambience into the living room.

Green colour can inspire a fresh and natural atmosphere in the room when used with shades like orange or yellow. Contrast the green with a white or grey and throw in some lighting and you have an inspiring living room.

5. Bring Back The Pastel:

Few colours make you feel at home and welcome, as the pastel shades.

Pastel hues like mauve, peach or lilac not only brighten up the living room and make it look open, but they also make your room look super comfortable.

Pastel colours also blend in extremely well with natural materials. Use wood furniture, rattan, seagrass and more in your interior to achieve that classic look.

With pastel, you can also use tan, beige or cream coloured accessories to keep things interesting.Throw in some pillows and rugs to achieve that perfect looking living room.

Too often we let the unavailability of space come in the way of decor. Not anymore! The above hacks will let you create that dream living room you always wanted, regardless of the space.