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Style Your Living Room With Accent Chairs

While decorating a living space, you need to involve several elements -ranging from chairs to sofas to tables, soft furnishing, rugs, and so more. Now that you are content with the color scheme of the living area and its soft furnishing, you can think of including designer accent chairs to spruce up the décor. Any living room with accent chair brings a stark difference to the overall interiors of your home.

Modern accent chairs for living rooms are one of the most underrated furniture stylings you can include in your home. These one-off, impressive chairs are a great way to infuse that finishing touch to the entire color scheme while adding a personal touch -whether it is with some pattern or a stand-out color, or even a contrasting shape to immediately draw ample attention.

Additionally, accent arm chairs for living rooms are highly versatile as well. Require extra seating for your guests? Wish to add a great deal of vibe and couture to the existing living room décor? Classic living room modern accent chairs can help you out.

Living Room Accent Chair Ideas

Living spaces accent chairs are transformative furniture pieces that can help in adding ample color, pattern, and texture while allowing you to indulge in your love for classic furniture. Therefore, whether you opt for choosing a subtle or contrasting style for accent chairs, ensure that you do ample research and search on reliable websites like GoFWD -a one-stop destination for premium-quality furniture.

To help you with the decision, here are some interesting ideas to offer your living room an instant boost with timeless accent chairs:

  • Choose a Bold Accent Shade: If an accent chair should be the first thing to catch everyone’s attention, then you should choose a bold color to make a statement. There is a myriad of colors to choose from to upholster the classic piece of furniture. The best thing about accent chairs is that you can think of going quite bold and big with the colors you like.
  • Complement the Existing Color Scheme: By analyzing the existing color scheme of your living area, you should choose a color scheme that is either lighter or a darker one to create the perfect contrast. You can think of using a darker shade on other furniture pieces like the rug and sofa. In contrast, the accent chair in the living room should accentuate the existing shade in a lighter tone.
  • Create a Symmetric Layout: Thinking about interesting ways to arrange furniture pieces in your living room? Never make the mistake of tucking away your stylish accent chair in some corner space. On the other hand, you can think of moving furniture away from the walls and creating a centralized seating spot. When you place the accent chair opposite the sofa, it will create a formal and neat appearance throughout.


Adding accent chairs to the living room décor is a great way to bring a splash of color and alternative texture to the existing space.