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Different Types of Mattresses and How to Choose one

Are you searching for the best type of mattress? Experts suggest that a good night’s sleep is a great way to keep yourself healthy. To ensure your sound sleep, the mattress plays a vital role. Therefore, it is suggested to choose the best type of mattress to sleep on to improve your health throughout.

Understanding the Different Types of Mattresses

A mattress is a cushioned, resilient layer of bedding on which you lie while sleeping. It is estimated that we tend to spend around one-third of our lives on a mattress. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to bring home the best mattress type for sleeping.

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There are several different types of mattresses to choose from, including:

  • Continuous coil innerspring mattress -Durable and affordable mattress
  • Pocketed coil mattress -Great support with minimal motion
  • Polyfoam or polyurethane -Higher durability and firm support
  • Memory foam -Delivering even support for sleepers having muscle, back, or joint problems
  • Latex Foam -Great for sleepers who prefer sleeping on natural materials
  •  Gel -Delivering cool and even support
  •  Hybrid -Imparting firm support in combination with comfort
  •  Organic -Best for sleepers with environmental concerns or sensitiveness to chemicals

With a spectrum of different types of bed mattresses, it is recommended to choose the best one according to your sleeping patterns, preferences, and health concerns.

How to Choose the Best Mattress?

If you are searching for the best mattress type for sleeping, here are some suggestions from our buying guide:

  • Age of Your Current Mattress: The age of the current bedding can determine whether or not you need new mattresses. Generally, you can label the existing mattress as an old one if it has exceeded its lifespan of 8 years. The best way to determine whether or not it is the right time to switch mattress up is by listening to your body. Are you waking up with new pains every morning? Are you finding it difficult to come across a comfortable position at night? Have you observed dips in the mattress that are not getting fixed? If yes, you should bring home a brand-new mattress.
  • Sleeping Position: While most of us toss between different sleeping positions at night, most individuals prefer specific positions than others.


Ø  Back sleepers -These sleepers need a medium firm bedding -somewhere between 5.5 -7 on the firmness scale.

Ø  Side Sleepers -They need deep pressure relief across hips and shoulders. They should stick with softer mattresses to contour effectively along the curves of the body.

Ø  Stomach Sleepers -They need an ultra-firm mattress capable of lifting the hips to align with the shoulders.

  •   Firmness Level: Firmness determines the softness or hardness level of the mattress. The average firmness level for sleepers should fall in the range 4-7.


Depending on your personal preferences and sleeping patterns, you can choose the best mattress for your bedding.