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How To Have A Budget-Friendly Living Room Makeover

Your living room is your home’s first impression you’ll create on your guests. It’s also the place that first catches your eye when you enter your home. So, naturally, you’d need to create a space that’s not just functional but also fashionable. While you give this area a makeover, it’s easy to go over budget and feel overwhelmed.

To help you with this issue, we’ve created this guide with tips from our experts.

6 Ways to Have a Budget-friendly Living Room Makeover

1. Liven your Space with Natural Elements:

Sometimes, a slight change in your living room can make a huge difference. If your living room feels drab, try adding a few plants as a structural element. Further, adding plants can also give a zen-like calmness to your life. You can choose from a variety of low-maintenance plants with vibrant leaves or colourful foliage for your home.

You can place small potted plants on your centre table or hang a small plant in an empty corner. Not confident of your abilities to take care of a plant? Pick up some faux plants to liven your space.

2. Rearrange your Furniture:

Changing the placement of your living room sofas and armchairs can be an effective way to an affordable living room makeover. Moreover, you can purge a few items, minimise your furniture, and rearrange your furniture. This way, you’re cleaning and making over at the same time.

In fact, you can make a whole day out of this task. Get a friend or a family member to help you move the furniture.

3. Re-paint your Room:

If you’re looking to achieve a massive transformation without spending a considerable amount, re-painting is an excellent option. It’s a genuinely budget-friendly renovation idea that’s easy to implement with a few DIY decorators. You can pick a colour based on your furniture and taste to further a mood. We recommend choosing deeper tones to create a cosy vibe (but with good lighting).

4. Customize Living Room Décor:

Without some personal memorabilia, it could easily be mistaken for someone else’s living room. So, make your living room your own by adding your photographs, travel memories, souvenirs, and other collectables. Alternatively, if you’re artistic, you can embroider or paint your cushions to truly make your place your own.

Clean up your attic and garage and ask your family if they have something to contribute. We’re sure you’ll find gold there!

5. Switch a Few Elements:

A makeover doesn’t mean completely overhauling every aspect of your living room. In fact, if you’re on a budget, the best thing you could do is take the renovation project in phases. So, we suggest making small changes like getting new cushions and armchairs or changing your existing carpets & rugs and lighting. You could hang a few paintings and motifs on your plain walls as well.

6. Rug it Up:

Have old torn rugs with permanent red wine stains on them? You don’t have to re-carpet your entire floor. Instead, you could layer your existing carpet with another one to hide the imperfections on a budget. Moreover, you can also mix different types of textures and materials like rag rugs, jute rugs, Persian rugs, or sheepskin rugs.

Pro Tip: To avoid ugly contrasts, try to shop for neutral-hued rugs and simple colour palettes.

Parting Thoughts:

Making over any part of your home can turn out to be an expensive affair. However, if you’re intelligent and thrifty enough, you can reduce the costs without compromising the vision for your living room. So, take your time, plan your makeover, and phase it out. We at FWD Furniture & More are more than happy to help you achieve your dream ‘living room look’ soon.