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How To Do A Dining Room Makeover

While food gets made in the kitchen, food memories get made in the dining room. Apart from enjoying delicious food, it’s also the area where you spend quality time with your family. After all, a family that eats together stays together!

Whether you need a complete overhaul or just a few upgrades, we have some design inspiration for you in this blog.

6 Ways for a Successful Dining Room Makeover

1. Paint the Walls:

Are you bored of your plain and neutral walls? Revamp your dining room using daring shades and bold textures that reflect your personality. Our recommendation? Try pastel colours like mint green, blue, lavender, blush pink, or others.

If you’re in the mood to get bolder, you can opt for a dark colour painted over your wall. In that case, though, it’s better to paint one wall and make it your room’s highlight. All dark walls may not seem inviting enough.

2. Add a Banquette:

Want to create a cosy space in your dining room? Adding a seating table with a bench and topping it up with some upholstery and pillows would do it. With this banquette, you’ll be able to cultivate a relaxed vibe and enjoy your dining room fully.

P.S. If you need extra storage, you could add a few drawers underneath your banquette too.

3. Make your Space Functional:

Have a large dining room and unused space behind that dining table and chairs? You could add a few shelves, drawers, artefacts, and wall hangings to jazz up your place. Not only does it act as extra storage for your stuff, but it also gives your dining room plenty of character.

You could use wood, steel, metal, or other materials to ensure you get the most out of your space.

4. Add Statement Centrepieces:

If you’re short on your makeover budget, don’t fret. You can still do a lot with it, like adding some statement centrepieces on your dining table set. Some examples that come to our mind include candlesticks, small plants, flowers, and candles.

If you’re celebrating a special dinner, you could also bring out some memorable photographs that’ll get your guests talking about their experiences. They could become potential conversation starters too.

5. Hang Wall Art:

Leaving your dining room walls completely barren is a huge opportunity loss. If you don’t need extra space for your stuff and you’re artistic, you can add wall art that compliments your dining room’s theme.

You can find plenty of wall art options in canvas and other materials in different colours at your nearby furniture store. Make sure to check them out and pick the best one according to your décor needs.

6. Change your Dining Table Set:

Have an old dining table and chairs? It may be time to get a new one to enhance your dining room. Before getting a dining table set, though, try to envision a specific theme for your dining room and get a table that suits it.

Pro Tip: If you don’t know how many people you’ll host, we recommend getting a large round dining table set and a few extra chairs. Another great way to add seats is to get a dining table with a bench. As a result, nobody would have to take turns having food at the table.

Parting Thoughts:

The dining room isn’t just about having a dining table and chairs. It’s about creating a warm and inviting space to celebrate food, memories, and laughter. Whether you have a small area or a big one, you can always find small ways to tweak your space and make it better. At FWD Furniture & More, discover the small or big items that will add a statement to your decorations. Celebrate food, memories and laughter with FWD!