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How to Buy Chairs Based on your Room Décor

“If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.” – Robert De Niro
When it comes to chairs, even the greatest Hollywood celebrity knows that it’s all about comfort. While building a home, chairs are not the type of furniture most people concentrate on. Nevertheless, to reach a state of comfort and peace, good chairs are critical!
Here are a few tips to help you pick the right chair that suits your décor well straight from FWD’s decor expert’s journal.

4 Major Tips to Buy Chairs Based on Room Décor

Chair’s Usage

Consider how you’ll use this chair as a primary while picking a chair. If you want to curl up and watch a movie in your living room, go for a lazy boy kind of chair. These living room chairs add to the comfort of your room to the greatest extent.
However, if you want firm and upright back support, choose an ergonomic design. For an occasional family gathering, you can consider a Wing Back chair. If you are looking for an extravagant statement piece, go for a funky and trendy finish. Consider your priorities and be as specific as possible.

Style Preferences

After understanding the chair’s functionality, the next consideration would be your style.
Are you inclined to pick art décor, traditional, funky, or a mid-century historic piece? Do you want your chairs to blend in the interior or you want them to stand out? You may decide to play it safe or stand out of the league to be daring and charismatic.
While an egg chair would highlight your easy-to-go and relaxing attitude, a Tulip Chair would present your trendy and chilled-out mode. They will fit perfectly into your stylish and easy chairs category.

Keep Size in Check

Size is an important factor and can be quite deceiving. To uncomplicate the proper sizing, mark out the measurements of the space where you want to place the chair. Additionally, consider height as an important factor too. However, don’t go for uniformity in terms of height as it can seem boring and bland. Try variations in height to create a visual appeal.
If you have ample space and want to add to the luxury and comfort, consider a club chair. It covers a decent space and always provides extraordinary comfort. Moreover, it also adds to the style statement in chairs for the lounge category. In the case of a compact place, choosing a Windsor chair would serve the purpose.


Fabric maintenance is one of the biggest tasks. Kids and pets can really ruin a classic piece. So, if you’re a family that spills a lot of stuff, cover the chair with some loose fabric or choose a fabric that’s washable.
Also, consider the type of colour that suits your room well. While a subtle colour would add to the elegant side of your room, a bold colour would bring out your bold personality to your room.
Want something classic that’ll never go out of style? Go for velvet’s lush and rich texture that makes you feel like royalty. Fur, another royal pick, is a fabulously textured fabric that elevates your décor to the next level. However, it’s not ideal for daily use.


While these pointers are the basics we recommend, home décor is all about choice and preferences. In such cases, stick to your instinct and don’t ignore your chair needs. After all, a house that doesn’t have a warm, comfy chair in it, is soulless.