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Best Dining Table Set

Does buying a dining table always fall to the bottom of your to-do list barrel? Maybe you’re assessing whether you need a new one or if your old dining table set works. Maybe, you feel like you won’t even need it.

But imagine this. Your family gathered together at one table. Discussing their days; Sharing smiles and struggles. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

If that’s the vision you’re after, you need a dining table that brings everyone together. So, get everyone to the same table with these top FWD picks:

#1. FWD Enfys Wooden Dining Set

Designed by FWD, the Enfys Wooden Dining Set is a popular dining table set 6 seater you’d love to own. Sporting a unique look, it’s sure to turn tables with its one-of-a-kind placement of patches of glass on the table. Plus, it’s ideal for rough and tough families who need something durable and maintenance and movement friendly.

Place this dining table set with glass top

in your dining room for Rs.48,000 only!

#2. Norris Dining Table Set 4 Seater

Made of high-quality wood, FWD’s Norris 4 Seater Dining Set will knock your socks off due to its durability and functionality. If you’re looking for something that’ll fit your budget and last long, you can’t miss this beauty. Affordability and visual appeal aside, this set is also ideal for health-conscious people who want an ergonomic and body-friendly design.

Grace your dining room with this set for Rs.19,999 only!

#3. Achilles Dining Table Set 4 Seater

Want to change and uplift the vibe in your dining area instantly? This vibrant FWD set with a stain-resistant marble top is perfect for you! Made of leather, this set is 47”x28”x30”, making it the right choice for a modern nuclear family.

Own this premium and high-quality dining set at Rs.42,000.

#4. Erlian 4-Seater with Bench

Best suited for a mid-sized dining room, this dining set is 59”x 35”x 29.5” in size. If you’re looking for a modern design with flexible seating, this model is the one for you! With four seats and a bench that can accommodate up to two people, you can use this set to host six people at once!

Host big parties and enjoy companionship for Rs.45,000.

#5. Garon 6-seater Dining Set

Want your dining room decor to be classy and elegant? Also want it to host up to six diners comfortably? FWD’s Garon 6-seater Dining Set is here to give other brands a run for their money. Strongly built with wood, durability is this dining set’s middle name!

So, you get a sturdy build and thin yet strong legs that’ll last for years to come. Additionally, its vibrant colour contrast makes it stand out from the generic dining sets.

Its brown skeleton, wooden tabletop, white back support of chairs, and high-quality seats make it ideal for a large family.

For an affordable price of Rs.39,999, you too can own this premium furniture piece.

#6. Norris 6-Seater Dining Table Set

Made of solid wood, Norris 6-seater Dining Table Set comes in a dark brown shade. Ideal for mid-sized living or dining rooms, this FWD dining table set saves space and costs just Rs.29,999. Getting a 6-seater for this price is a deal you need to steal! So, chop-chop.

Final Remarks

Still looking for a glass dining table set or dining table set below Rs. 10000? Browse through our collection of exquisite furniture pieces to take your pick.