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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Sofa

Imagine a living room. Do you automatically see a sofa in your vision? Is that a yes? We thought so. After all, your sofa is the soul of the entire living room.
With a high-quality comfortable sofa, you can go ‘aah’ in relief after a busy workday, host hip parties and Netflix and chill on weekends. Yet, an inadequate one can spell your doom! Many buyers commit common mistakes when buying a sofa that you’re better off avoiding.

So, read this concise sofa buying guide India. We’ll address all your concerns. Pinky promise.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Sofa

#1. Introspect on your needs

You probably want to go all guns blazing while picking a sofa. Hold your horses! Let’s back up a bit.

Before you go for a sofa, introspect and dream a little. Then, write down how your ideal sofa would look and feel. P.S. You can even cheat a little and research current furniture trends. Finally, come up with a list of needs you’re happy with. Don’t forget to be a little practical here. That means assessing your budget and the space available in your room.

Have a small room? Opt for small-back sofas or a combination of a sofa and a bed to maximise your space. If you pick a big sofa, in this case, you occupy a ton of space and crowd your living room.

#2. Optimise small spaces

Since a sofa is at the centre of your living room, you’d need to think of proportions. Think of it this way: a large sofa in a small room will end up crowding your space. Contrarily, a small sofa in a large room can make the room seem too empty.
So, ensure to go for the perfect sofa size depending on the space available.

Now, you might ask which type of sofa is best for small living room? Some sofa ideas for a small living room include trundle sleeper sofas, daybeds, 2-seater loveseats, petite sofas, etc. If you are a working professional, go for trundle sleeper sofas or simply sofa cum bed.

These types of sofas perform multiple functions while saving space and looking good. We’re biased towards a 2-seater wooden sofa for most Indian households.

#3. What about larger rooms?

You’re indeed blessed if you have a spacious living room. Honour this blessing and pair it with a Grande sofa or a sectional sofa.
Since a Grande sofa is long, it can accommodate at most five members. It also helps you make the most out of your large living room. Even if you have a small family, you can host your family functions or friends’ reunions. With L or U-shaped sectional sofas, you can accommodate up to 10 people!

#4. Best material

Wondering which material is the best for a sofa? More often than not, people go for fabric sofas as it offers both comfort and aesthetic appeal. But wait! Your material choice isn’t over yet. Fabrics have many types – cotton, linen, velvet, silk, etc.

Although fabric sofas look and feel good, they’ll need more maintenance. Now, you might ask how to choose a sofa that will last long? If that’s your priority, we’d suggest a leather sofa as it also looks polished and is durable.

#5. Let’s talk design

Before buying a sofa, you must be aware of the different types and styles of sofas. That doesn’t include the usual sofa and sectional ones. If you’re after a sofa that offers the most comfort, you must go for recliners. Other types include – slipcover sofas, chesterfield sofas, and roll-arm sofas.

Final Remarks

Still don’t know how to choose sofa for a living room? Contact FWD to get your queries answered.