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6 Room Decor Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Our body may be our temple, but our room is the home of the temple. Well…you get the point.

Our room is what we stay in throughout the year. It is and will always be our immediate surroundings. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the surroundings reflect the mood/personality you want to reflect with living room decorations, modern furniture, and living room sofas!

The key to being happy is to surround yourself with positivity.

Here are a few tips on how to decorate your room and turn it into the way you desire.

1. Don’t forget the ceiling!

We may not realize this, but a large portion of our time, especially in the bedroom, would be spent staring at the ceiling. Add a different splash of color, paint something, maybe even put up a few glow-in-the-dark stickers over there. The options are limitless. Do any of these, and you’ll immediately notice a significant change in your home décor.

2. Keep it as spacious as possible

A cluttered room has a bigger chance of being messy and is more of a hassle to clean and maintain in the long run than a nearly empty one. When decorating the room, make sure there is ample space to walk around. Minimalism is the key factor here. Especially when you are arranging the living room decorations, modern furniture, and living room sofas.

A spacious room will not just be pleasant on the eyes, but it will also be easier to maintain.

3. Have storages spaces nearby

There will always be some things that you might want to put away but not too far away.

Example- Kitchen utensils. You may want to store them in a cupboard in the kitchen, but you do not want to store them in the bedroom and walk to and fro to use them whenever you need it. And it helps that you can always keep your round glass dining table clutter-free. That is a hassle. So the best bet is to keep a few handy cabinets installed in the main rooms and kitchen.

4. Get creative on the “Window Dressing”

Nothing ruins a good weekend than the sunlight streaming directly onto your face while taking a restful nap. Cover up the windows with big curtains. Or better yet, use a pleasant shade of curtain to ensure that your whole room is bathed in a nice glow. Especially on the round glass dining table.

5. Do not just go with one type of lighting

Include several lighting options. Just one kind of lighting can get boring pretty quickly. Include mood lighting, dim, disco, and the list goes on.

Go through the catalog and options for the lighting and pick out a few options that compliment your lifestyle.

6. Turn one room into a “Getaway Room”

It is easy to get swept off in today’s world and go with the flow of technology. With the constant work/personal messages, emails, calls, etc., the world tends to make sure that you are glued to your electronics 24/7 and live in the virtual world more than the real world.

Make one room of the house an escape hatch onto the real world. That not just revitalizes you but also ensures a much-needed balance between the virtual world and the real world.

With these tips at your disposal, make your home into your personal happy place! Good luck!