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5 Simple Tips for Sprucing Up and Decorating Your Great Room

Does your living room decor need an immediate makeover? Well, here are some tips of decorating ideas at home living furniture to create a stylish, comfortable living room you want to live in:

Top 5 Tips to Accomplish a Successful Living Room Makeover

Measure Your Space

Before making any drastic decision about redoing your living space, you need to get an accurate measurement (preferably in sq. ft.) to select the correct size rug, furnishings, and window treatments. This way, you order the right-sized furniture and accessories that’ll save you both time and money.

Create Separate Zones

You may use a curved sofa to separate the living and dining areas. To break the hard angles of the architecture, use curved pieces of furniture. Additionally, as the seating area plays a vital role, design the living room to be fun and relaxing at the same time. Create a cosy conversation area in the living room by grouping seating around a large window. Take advantage of light and views.

Choose a Bold Wallpaper

Using wallpapers can bring out the best of your living room walls. If you’re more traditional in your design style, you could go for a classic look with some nice mute shades, and change them seasonally.

Adding new colours will instantly brighten up your home décor. Another way to brighten your walls includes using a glass cloth. Create a bold accent wall with a wild print to give a contrasting look to your seating area.

Hang Modern Art

If you have a small living room, using wall art is a great way to add a big style statement. Even though they don’t take up any space on the surface or on floors, they can effectively transform your living room’s aesthetic dramatically. You can add an abstract photograph for cohesion.

In almost every home, television is an unavoidable part of the living room. To bring out the creative soul of your living room, you can hide your television behind gorgeous art.

Take Advantage of High Ceilings

If you have a high ceiling in your living room, accent the ceiling with soft textures and add in a few pops of colours here and there. Also, keep a tall indoor plant or a branch of a tree to create an energizing contrast in the living room.

To draw attention to your high ceilings, you can also add a minimal brass accent to your living room. Another excellent way of elevating your living room’s high ceilings is to use eye-catchy metallic lighting.

Embrace the Colour

Don’t be afraid to introduce dramatic colours in your living room. Using such colours in the various patterns or textures throughout your living room helps it all feel cohesive. To add contrasting elements to your living room, you could also consider adding black window frames. By simply focusing on revamping one element, you can transform the look of a simple living room design.

The Final Wrap

With these decorating ideas at home living furniture, we hope you’ll know how to hide your living room’s flaws and bring out its best qualities effectively. To get living room furniture decorating ideas, always turn to the experts but don’t forget to add your own twist. This way, you’ll know how to customize different layouts, styles, colours and furniture pieces for your living room.

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