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Online Furniture Shopping: How to Shop/Buy Furniture Online in India

From the style of the sofa to the colour of the coffee table, furniture is a crucial part of our home. Going to the furniture market, visiting 4-5 shops, waiting for the staff to attend to you, comparing prices, and spendings hours on weekends is a lot of effort. You don’t have to do that anymore. With this guide, everything you need is available just at the click of a button.

Online furniture shopping has become a trend nowadays as it’s incredibly convenient and time-saving. Due to e-commerce stores, you can browse a catalogue of living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining tables anywhere with your phone.

Before you randomly purchase a piece of furniture online, here’s a list of things to keep in mind:

7 Critical Factors to Consider When Buying Furniture Online

The Website

Make sure that you buy furniture from a reliable and secure website. Go through customer’s reviews and experiences (not just within the site but also outside it) before you proceed. Have a look at the “about us” page. The site’s URL should start with HTTPS to have a secure connection.

Furniture Dimensions

Before you purchase any furniture online, make sure to measure the available space at your home. Furniture comes in different sizes and shapes, so check specifications when buying a heavy piece of furniture. When you buy sofa sets online in India, measure the space where you’re planning to put them up.

Budget and Quality

Buying furniture during an offer period or sales can save you money. But here’s an important note for you: do not fall for silly offers. Read the description of the material used, type of leather, wooden structure, foam, and double-check the quality before placing an order. You could also get samples or fabric pieces to check quality, colour, and sense of final finish.


When you buy a coffee table online in India, for example, make sure it suits your lifestyle. Some people like to move furniture in the house every once in a while or some people like to keep it fixed. So, depending on your daily routine or lifestyle, decide what type of furniture you should buy.


Before you browse several online furniture stores’ catalogues, take a moment and carefully consider what you’re expecting your furniture to do for you. If you’re looking for a study table online in India, think about its functionality first and then take a final decision.

Delivery Charges

We often tend to ignore shipping and installation charges, while setting our budget. But the fact is, delivery charges are high every time you purchase heavy and sturdy furniture. While buying the furniture, keep an eye on the delivery method and pick one that suits your budget and delivery time. If assembly and installation are not provided by the seller, plan for it in advance.

Return Policy

Make sure to buy from a seller who offers a return and refund policy. Even after checking all the above pointers, you might receive a product that does not match your expectations. In that case, it must be easy to request the seller for a return or exchange.

Final Thoughts

Buying furniture online in India is not as easy as it seems. But, if you follow the tips we’ve listed here just for you, there won’t be any scope for confusion. So, enjoy online furniture surfing and have a happy shopping experience! For any furniture-related queries, please contact FWD and we’d love to help you out.