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Terms & Conditions for Home Delivery

- Delivery will be done on full payment in advance.
- All cheques should be drawn in favour of “FWD”.
- Delivery will be made only after realisation of cheque in FWD account.
- The delivery date mentioned above shall be treated as estimated date of delivery.
- Change in delivery schedule shall be informed at least 24 hours in advance.
- Force majeure clause is applicable for all transactions.
- Customer is always obliged to collect receipts against payment made to FWD.
- Once the goods are delivered no refund shall be applicable in any case what so ever. In case of cancellation request before delivery, FWD shall issue limited validity credit note against the purchase price only once for such request.
- All credit card transaction disputes have to be settled within 48 hours from the date of transaction.
- For customised order/s, no refund / cancellations / alterations are allowed once order is confirmed.

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