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The Best Cafe Tables to Make Your Restaurant Space Pop

Often, the most successful cafes are not successful just because of the food. It’s also because of the experience they provide. A combination of ambience, feel, vibes, look, and food is what makes a cafe stand out. 

An essential part of making customers feel comfortable and welcomed in your cafe is picking the right furniture. For that purpose, here’s what you should keep in mind:

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Modern Furniture for your Cafe

Though comfort and style play a huge part, they’re not enough. So, here’s a bunch of things you need to consider: 

  1. Concept, style and theme of your cafe
  2. Colour of your cafe walls
  3. Whether or not you want to adopt a minimalist approach
  4. Comfort and sturdiness
  5. Ability to withstand heavy usages
  6. Non-corrosive, UV-resistant, water-resistant, etc.
  7. The raw material they use. Opt for durable raw materials like high-quality wood, Iron, glass, resin, granite, etc. 

No matter what table you pick, don’t forget to optimise for the best dining experience for your customers.

5 Best Cafe Tables to Make Your Restaurant Space Pop

Whether you want to opt for a retro style or modern furniture style, you have numerous options. These styles are available for a classic round coffee table to a dining table as well.

Here are some of the best options for your cafe:

  1. Booths

Let’s start with the most classic choice of all: booths. Covered by a wall on one side, these tables offer cosy seats and a comfortable appeal. With these cafe tables, you can create a sense of privacy and romance for your customers.

If you’re trying to create a warm and inviting place, especially for couples, it’s an ideal cafe table to consider.

     2. Regular Tables (Two to Four Persons)

These highly versatile pieces can accommodate up to four people. You can go for a traditional round coffee table or a rectangular one. Whether you have an outdoor restaurant or an indoor one, you can use these tables well.

For an outside setting, you can place tables under the sky. In this case, take a good quality one that’ll resist all the damage done by sunlight, pollution, etc.

   3. High Bar Top Tables

With a height of 41 inches, you can commonly find these tables in bars and casual dining spots. To serve fresh coffee, you can even place a coffee-making machine near the table.

Use high stools having footrests with these tables to offer the best bar and cafe experience to your customers. They’re the best companion for all those who come along with the intent of socialising at your cafe.

  4.Banquet Style Tables

Have you seen the long high tables with a long short table for sitting? This type of table is called a banquet-style table. Since they’re long tables with sitting planks, they allow you to host a big party effectively. If you’re sensing such a situation, you can invest in this type of furniture for your cafe.

  5.Large Family Dining Tables

If you’re hosting a large family or party, large dining tables are the way to go as they can accommodate 8-10 people at these tables. For more versatile usage, you can use a round glass dining table that can be repurposed for office meetings and conferences.

Final Remarks

In a sea of cafes, the best way you can stand out is through the experience they provide. So, attract your customers through good ambience, look, music, vibe, comfort, service, and food. We’re sure you’ll create a brand that’s remembered for years to come.