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The 5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Living Room

As soon as someone enters your home, the first space they see is the living room. So, you’d want this space to look nothing but perfect. Now, we can’t just stop at stylish decor. We’ll need it to be comfortable and easy to use as well too.

While designing your living room, you can make many mistakes that might ruin your living room interior. Here’s a list of things to avoid to create a super cozy and functional living room:

Avoid these 5 Mistakes to Create Your Dream Living Room

Selecting the Wrong Sofa

A sofa is the soul of your living room furniture. It’s quite a big piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space in your living room. So, ensure its size is proportionate to the available space in your living room.

If the sofa is too big for the room, it’ll make the living room seem smaller than it is. So, if your living room is small, pick a two-seater sofa along with a pair of two armchairs for a spacious look. On the flip side, if your living room is big enough to accommodate a bulky sofa, you can add a large sofa there.

Picking Matching Furniture

Having the same colored furniture pieces everywhere can make your living room look monotonous. If you don’t think about the color scheme of your furniture pieces, they might blend in with your interiors badly.

Though past trends considered matching every decor item in your home stylish, that’s not the case anymore. Now, breaking the monotony with standout pieces, diverse colours and textures are considered trendy and stylish.

Neglecting Lighting 

While thinking about living room decor, we often tend to neglect the importance of lights. We consider one tube light to be enough. When you underrate your living room’s lighting, you miss out on creating a warm and homey appeal.

Here’s how you fix it: Instead of using a single source of overhead light, try to include some table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights, and other sources.

Whatever lights you pick for your living room, you should know how to balance them well. That’s because harsh lights can be an eyesore, and dim lights can drain energy from the room. To create the right mood, lighting is the key. So, choose the right mix of different types of lights to create a perfect balance. Also, avoid having too much or too little light.

Hanging Art Incorrectly

You might think that you can hang art pieces anywhere to enhance your living room’s look. That’s not true. Bold artwork lets you show who you are to the world. However, if you hang it in the wrong place, it may distract you while watching TV.

Also, while hanging paintings, considering the height of the wall is crucial. Without thinking about it properly, you might put it up too high or too low and ruin its appeal. So, dedicate a wall that’s big enough for your artwork and hang it in a way that highlights it well. An excellent way to enhance your artwork is to use lights right above it.

Not Planning Your Furniture Layout

Getting a perfect living room interior design isn’t an accident. There’s a lot of planning that goes into it. To get the combination right, you might need to move your furniture a bit and see what goes well at what place.

Try a few layout combinations and see what works well for your living room. While doing so, remember our end goal is to make the room look spacious.

Final Thoughts

Creating a warm and welcoming living room space needs a lot of planning. Now that you know what to avoid, feel free to use these tips and enjoy your new and improved living space.