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Modern Centre Table Designs for Living Rooms

A living room without a visually appealing center table will always seem to be incomplete. People often take center tables for granted without realizing that it often becomes the center of attraction in a living room.

Yet, a center table’s decorative value never outweighs its functional value. A myriad of center table designs for living room may be classified based on their shape, construction material, and surface material. Before picking any modern center table design for the living room, ensure you understand what you’re looking for clearly.

Read on to find some helpful and trending modern center table designs for living room:

#1. Marble-Top Centre Table

The marble-top center table for living room is one of the most popular and trending designs. Why has its demand suddenly skyrocketed?

Since marble tops are made of polished marble stone, it gives a shiny and elegant visual appeal to your living room. We’re sure it’ll shine in front of your guests too. Plus, a marble top is resistant to spills, stains and dust, and it’s also easy to clean, unlike other types of modern center table for living room.

Finally, it’s more affordable. Due to the decrease in the cost of marble processing, you don’t have to worry about burdening your pocket if you want to invest in one.

#2. Glass Center Table

Though marble-top tables are our top pick, we can’t deny the classy appeal of a glass center table for living room. Its simple and modern designs are suitable for living rooms with contemporary furniture. Additionally, their functional value is completely unmatched as they are heat-resistant, easy to clean, and safe to use.

#3. Round Center Table

Want a simple yet magnificent look for your living room? A round center table for living room won’t disappoint you. Contrary to traditional rectangular designs of centre tables used by previous generations, round center tables are trendy among the youth. If you want to invest in trendy and functional furniture designs, you should go for this type of center table.

#4. Oval Center Table

Talking about trendy table designs, we can’t miss discussing the oval wooden center table for living room. However, they’re mainly decorative as opposed to utilitarian. So, if you want a center table just to host guests or decorate on special occasions, you’ll love using the oval center table.

#5. Rectangular Centre Table

We’re sure you must have spotted a rectangle-shaped center table design for living room in your friends’ and relatives’ homes. After all, these traditional pieces of furniture are prevalent in most societies.

However, does that make this particular type of design outdated? Absolutely not! Many people still opt for rectangle-shaped center tables, especially in large living rooms.

In larger rooms, round or oval-shaped tables wouldn’t work well because they’re too small. So, if you have a large living room, you should use rectangular center tables to decorate your room.

Final Thoughts

A center table is a great choice for any living room because it will make your guests feel welcome and at home.

Though there are many styles to choose from for centre tables, modern designs are perfect for today’s homes. They are sleek, stylish and elegant while still being functional. So, get home your new modern centre table and enjoy living in your space!

Have doubts? We’d be happy to answer them for you! Also, don’t forget to visit our website to get the best furniture ranging from dining tables and sofas to chairs and tables.