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How to Arrange Your Living Room Layout, No Matter the Size

Interior designers might make living room decoration look effortless. But furnishing a living room, especially a tiny one, is way more confusing than it seems to be! A small room often ends up posing a big challenge. It is because you need to decide how to make the most out of every bit of space that is available to you.

In this blog, we at FWD will help you figure out what you want by doing all the research ourselves. So, sit back, relax and read on to find out which of the following three living room decorations work best for your needs! Note: by making use of modern furniture, these plans can even spruce up a small space. To give yourself a head start, draw the living room of your desires using a pen and a piece of paper.

So, how do we get started? Begin by determining what you require from the space. Are you someone who would keep to yourself and binge watch whole seasons of your favourite series in a single day? Or are you the one to be the friendliest host to your loved ones?

Next, consider the design of your space. The balance is just drawing in the details once you’ve squared away the fundamentals. The fundamentals here can be taken as the basics like living room sofas and a place for the TV.

The Open Plan:

Create a living area enclave in an open-plan room that connects to a dining area and kitchen by separating the space with a wide L-shaped couch. When choosing living room sofas from FWD, pay very close attention to the L-shape and how beautifully our designers craft it. You want your couch to ideally be towards the windows, not blocking your way. If you’re intending to make use of modern furniture and float the sofa, take special care towards the back of it, as you’ll be seeing it just as much as the front. You could try adding a coffee table and a side table next to the sofa to complete the look. With a comfortable chair and a standing light just next to the sofa, you can add an additional lounging area and perhaps even a reading nook.

The Conversationalist:

This is an excellent arrangement for warm gatherings. For this, look into the fact that the living room entrance is next to a heater if you have or need one. It is also the best option as it maintains continuity and keeps it all harmonious. If the space in the apartment is limited, consider living room sofas that are slimmer to create a sufficient area to stroll around. A coffee table that is somewhat narrow, will complete the picture. With shelving framing the central attraction – be it a heater or something else, make sure there is plenty of room for a Television and extra or other kinds of modern furniture that are available at FWD.

The Walk-Through:

This is the traditional living room layout, with the TV in the front of the living room sofas, ideal for long Streaming nights. Place a stack of recliners on one side of the room or even across the sofa, relying upon where your space seems to be more compact or squared. Pick an extra-deep sofa with a rather high back for the ultimate Netflix marathon. You would not ever want to get out of bed again! Include a show-stopping entertainment centre, a set of table legs, with plenty of ambience lighting to finish the look.

The best way to separate your living and dining area is by choosing a darker wall colour for the dining area, maybe even a round glass dining table from FWD to add the magical touch that turns around even the most mundane space. Get ready to walk into the most stylish version of your house with us at FWD!