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Best Sofa for Back Pain Sufferers

Back pain can be a nightmare. Now, if you’re a chronic back pain sufferer, it makes things even more difficult. Sitting and getting up from chairs can cause excruciating pain. Thankfully, there’s a lot that can happen over an excellent sofa.

Before we talk about the best sofas, let’s understand how to spot a good sofa:

4 Ways to Find the Ideal Sofa for Back Pain Sufferers

Check if Your Back Can Stay Upright

An excellent way to help your back is to ensure it stays upright while sitting on it. Also, check if it has a comfortable seat.

Your Feet Should Land Comfortably on The Floor

When you sit on a sofa to try it out, check if your feet have a 90-degree angle with the floor as it’s the right posture for your body. If your sofa naturally coerces you to sit in that way, it would be helpful for your back pain.

The Distance between Your Knee’s Back and Sofa/Chair’s Edge

The back of your knee and the edge of the sofa need to be apart. Otherwise, the seat’s edge might place undue pressure on your leg’s nerves and make for an uncomfortable experience.

Seek Lumbar Support and Firm Cushions

Soft cushions are comfortable. We get it. However, they can spell doom for your back pain. Also, seek information about the lumbar support a particular sofa offers. That way, you’re picking the right sofa for your back pain.

NOTE: Prefer to test the sofa out in an offline store before you purchase. There’s no substitute for your experience.

3 Types of Sofas You Should Try Out

Recliner Sofas

Do you watch TV frequently? If so, you’d need a much more supportive sofa for your back pain. That’s why we want you to go for a comfortable and cushy recliner sofa. Any comfortable sofa with a tall and supportive back would be ideal here.

Our sofa set Vista 3 + R + R would be a perfect addition to your space. It’s a combination of a 3-seater sofa with two recliners that you’d love in your space.

Corner Sofas

Do you host and entertain guests often? In that case, you’d need a corner sofa to avoid your back pain from throwing a wet blanket at the party. You can pair the corner sofas with ergonomic swivel chairs to help you host a crowd comfortably.

Our sofa set Jina 3 + L would be the right choice for you as it’s a powerful combination of a 3-seater and a lounger.

Sofa with Armrests
Do you perform a whole range of activities while sitting on your sofa? Well, you’d need a sofa with armrests for your hardworking arms. So, you won’t have to stretch your arms more than required.

Try our product Romerok Grey 2 Seater with cushioned armrests to understand the difference.

Final Thoughts
Are you thinking of switching to a back-friendly sofa? You’ve got to check out FWD’s online store for a host of sofa options perfect for your needs.