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Best Small Bedroom Decor Ideas

Want to decorate your small bedroom with decor ideas and design layout? Well, get ready to embrace your small bedroom with the tips which we’re about to share with you now. Little strategic styling and creative organization can make your small space feel like a pretty big world for you.

So, here are the space-saving and decorative ideas for your small bedrooms:

Use Every Corner

Placing a small bedroom sofa in the corner of your bedroom is an excellent way to maximise space. The stylish mini sofas can totally transform your bedroom. Use awkward corners and place a simple bench, cushions and wall art to give a brand new life to the corner area.

Put in Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great space-saving pieces of furniture for small bedrooms. They free up extra floor space, which you otherwise with normal beds would not have. Whether you want to save space or jazz up your bedroom interior, bunk beds can do both effortlessly.


When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, mirrored furniture or placing mirrors on the wall can be a clever idea. It reflects light and makes any small bedroom feel much bigger. Adding a large mirror in your small bedroom creates an illusion and makes your small bedroom look larger.

Floating Desk

Everyone prefers working from home these days. Even schools are going online, so you or your kids might need a desk to keep a laptop for doing school or office work. Maximise your bedroom space by creating a floating desk. Then, you can just slide comfy modern bedroom chairs underneath and you are done.

Underbed Storage

Don’t think much while investing in a storage bed with a drawer or with an ottoman lift. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy such a storage bed, consider buying separate drawer storage boxes which you can easily slide under the existing bed.

Bedside Table for Shelving

The best idea to keep a small side table for the bedroom is a floating shelf. It works great as a nightstand and side table for your bed. You can use that space to keep an alarm clock, night lamp or mobile phone. Further, it saves space on the floor too.

Sitting Pretty

Want to enjoy your small bedroom beyond sleeping on a bed at night? Place a small bedroom lounge chair in front of a window to enjoy the view outside. By doing so, you also add a splash of elegance to your bedroom.

Lay Down Area Rug

Adding a cosy area rug to the bedroom makes the room look bigger and more pulled together. Lay down a proper-sized rug of your choice to your bedroom to give a decorative look.

Clear the Clutter

Bring on the essentials and throw away the unused items. Become a minimalist by looking around to find unessential items and discarding them. Here’s a great tip to get you started: get rid of items that are not used for months such as unused piles of paper, laundry, half-read books or other random miscellaneous items.

Add Colours

Add life to your small and monotonous bedroom by adding a little colour. Make your bedroom look dramatic and vibrant by adding pops of colours. You can add your favourite colours to curtains, beds, cushions, rugs, or even on any piece of furniture.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to achieving the right bedroom look, size doesn’t matter. The key is to find the perfect furniture for your small bedroom that is functional and suits your taste and space.