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Best modern study table design ideas

Schools are slowly reopening but just like offices, many schools have embraced the hybrid model. This means that children only need to go to school a few days a week. The rest of the time, they can attend classes from home.

The pandemic has indeed changed the way we live and study, throwing many things into perspective. For example, we may not have given a lot of importance to a study table at home because kids were at school all day, and to do their homework, the dining table was more than enough. Now that things have changed, we recommend that you invest in a good study table for your children. Here are a few modern study table design ideas to get you started:

Modern study table with bookshelf

Study tables with storage options are on top of our list because kids usually have a lot of items such as books, charts, and stationery. Instead of investing in a separate bookshelf, you can buy a modern study table with a bookshelf design. This way, you will save space and your children won’t have to waste time searching for their books – they will be right in front of them!

Modern bunk bed with study table

This is one of our favourite ideas. It satisfies multiple criteria in one shot:

  •   It saves space
  •   It is fun because children love bunk beds
  •   It usually comes with additional room for book storage
  •   It is more economical

This study table design has a bed on top that kids can reach using the ladder. Below is the table with enough legroom. Plus, it’s very chic and your children will love showing it off to their friends!

Modern corner study table design

Making space for yet another piece of furniture in a small house can be difficult. If you are facing the same problem, we advise you to choose a corner study table. It will use up the corner space, which is often neglected, and add some charm to the room at the same time. You can also go for a corner table with a bookshelf to further save space and clutter.

Modern L-shaped study table

This is suitable for older kids who also need to use a computer or laptop. Half the table may be used for books, projects, etc. while the desktop can be placed on the other half.

Minimal study table

A modern wooden study table and a simple chair are sometimes all that your child needs, especially if they have a separate bookshelf already. Minimal designs are extremely attractive and functional. They are a good choice if your children have a large room and do not need a table with shelves or drawers.

Wall-mounted study table

 Purely functional, wall-mounted study tables are the best space-saving options. When you don’t need to use them, you can fold them in and the room will be spacious again!


There’s absolutely no shortage of ideas when it comes to modern study table designs. This is why the final choice will depend on your specific needs. You can filter the options based on your child’s age, requirements, and available space.


At FWD, we have a wide range of furniture options for the entire home. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here!