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Best Modern Side Tables For Living Room

Most people often leave the corners of their homes empty. Even though various furniture and decor items can enhance the aesthetic appeal, some space keeps lurking in the corners. That’s where a side table or a corner table for living room comes to the rescue. It not only fills the empty spaces but also helps in utilizing these spaces to accommodate other articles. 

Since you have considered including corner side tables, you must be thinking which ones might be the best for you. Read this article to find the best modern side tables for living room.

  1. DecorNation Juno Modern Round Side Table

    DecorNation Juno Modern Round Side Table, one of the best side tables for living room, is a high-quality versatile artwork. It can adapt to not only the contemporary style of decoration but also other styles.


    • Has 2-tier storage. It’s best if you want to keep magazines and other decor stuff.
    • Comes in multiple colours- red, black, walnut, white.
    • Can be utilised as a coffee table, bedside table, kitchen table too.
    • Comes at an affordable price.
  2. Weston Crafts Nesting Coffee Table

    This elegant piece of artwork adds to the aesthetic appeal of your living room.


    • Has a smooth and elegant metal body look.
    • It’s easy-to-use and easy-to-move.
    • Although it’s not too big, it offers ample space to accommodate many items.

    If you are yearning for non-wooden side tables for living room, you must surely go for this.

  3. Indian Decor Vintage Side Table

    Even if you have opted for a contemporary style, this table would still be an invaluable piece of addition to your living room.


    • Made of high quality engineered wood. It lasts long!
    • Comes in an attractive rustic brown colour.
    • Has a 3-tier storage facility to accommodate your goods.

    This side table is best if you are looking for better accommodation.

  4. WellTrade Modern Side Table with Drawers Living Room

    Looking for a side table with drawers? If yes, you cannot afford to miss this piece of furniture. WellTrade’s Modern Side Table with Drawers Living Room.


    • Comes in myriad colours -white, black, blue.
    • Has 2 easy-to-slide storage drawers.
    • Multiple positive customer reviews.
    • Has decor and furnished on all sides.
    • Good tabletop for keeping other items.
  5. Amaze Shoppee Wooden Side Table

    Amaze Shoppee Wooden Side Table is a simple and easy-to-use side table. That’s best for a minimalist style of furniture.


    • High-quality coffee paintwork
    • Resistance to scratches and paint removal
    • Best corner table for sofa
    • Furnished on all sides and made up of engineered wood

Final Words

Still uncertain whether you should include a side table in your living room? No worries. We have come across many other customers in the same situation. However, once they purchased and placed a side table in their homes, they were delighted.

Our advice would be the same for you: just give it a try. Trust us, you will not regret it! Do check our website – FWD Furniture to find some of the best furniture items in Hyderabad.