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A New Look At How To Choose The Best Conference Table

A New Look At How To Choose The Best Conference Table
You can’t imagine a conference hall without a long wooden table and multiple chairs. After all, it’s a significant modern furniture piece that sets up the office atmosphere. Not just that, it defines the office decor as well.

Whether you’re building a new office or upgrading your existing one, you’ll need help in picking this furniture piece. So first, let’s discuss why this modern furniture piece is worth your investment:
Why You Should Not Scrimp Your Budget on a Conference Table?
Your conference room isn’t just a room. It’s a power centre for critical discussions, business plans, and serious decisions. In this case, you’ll need an ambience that fosters creativity.

So, if you want your staff to be more productive, it’s imperative to provide a good ambience. If you think of it as an expense, you’ll lose out on setting a corporate vibe and professionalism in the office.
11 Things to Look For While Choosing a Conference Table
Finding your conference table might be difficult. Your conference table should:

  1. Resonate with your office building.
  2. Accommodate everyone comfortably.
  3. Allow everyone to engage in the discussions.
  4. Ensure everyone can look at each other comfortably. So, avoid getting one with blind spots where any seated person can’t see the others.
  5. Have appropriate space between people and other things in the office.
  6. Provide access to everyone on the presentation screen.
  7. Be sturdy, comfortable, and made of good quality.
  8. Fit into your office room.
  9. Allow people to move comfortably.
  10. Offer easy access to power sources.

Choosing The Best Conference Table: Discussing All Your Options

Round Table

A round table set comes with a table in between and chairs on the table’s circumference. It can be made of wood like a round coffee table or glass like a round glass dining table

Depending on the size of the room and number of the people, you can decide the size of the table you’ll need. With this table, you can accommodate a large group of people comfortably. 

Best suited for video conferences and presentation meetings.

U-shaped Conference Table

A U-shaped conference table consists of a U-shaped table with chairs placed on the edges. As the name suggests, there’s free space between the U that promotes mobility for a leader or presenter and creates room for an interactive meeting session. 

Best suited for video conferences and presentation meetings.

Foldable Tables

Foldable tables are multipurpose tables that fold either from their legs or the tabletop. Pair them with suitable chairs in your meeting room and they’re good to go! 

Since they’re quite versatile, you can use them not just for conferences but also for other occasions in the office. When they’re not needed, they can simply be folded and kept in the storage room. 

Best suited for small offices and start-ups.

Rectangular Conference Tables

Rectangular tables have been a classic choice for offices for centuries. It still holds a place in modern furniture, especially for offices, as it provides a proper formal setting.

Best suited for open discussions. 

Modular Tables

Want something that’s completely customised for your office? You can opt for modular tables that cater to your needs and office space. 

Since it’s fully customised, you can make it in any shape, size, and design. Plus, you can also choose the raw material and colours you want. 

Semicircular Tables 

With a half-circle shape, these tables offer greater access to move around freely. Plus, it also allows everyone to engage in the discussion equally, and so, it promotes interactive and creative sessions. 

Best suited for small and hyper-interactive offices. 

Final Remarks

Conference tables are a crucial asset to the company. So, assess your options carefully and pick the best one you can afford. We’re sure it’ll be worth it!