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15 Creative Living Room Storage Ideas

As you keep your living room clutter-free, it helps you in putting together an inviting and well-organized space. However, what if you have a small space or you own a lot of stuff? It is imperative to be aware of useful living room storage ideas that can help you streamline small spaces on the go.

For your ease, we have prepared a list of the best small living room storage ideas:

  1. Include Built-ins: You can hire a professional or conduct a DIY project to include functional built-ins within the living space. You can include functional shelves that blend effectively with the rest of the living room. Built-in bookshelves are also great for some knick-knacks.
  1. Select Double-Duty Furniture: As you search for living room storage ideas for small spaces, including furniture that can work overtime can be a great help. For instance, installing a wood piece can create an interesting separation between your open kitchen and the living space.
  1. Save Space with Nesting Tables: If you are in for a living room with hidden storage ideas, nesting tables are versatile furniture pieces that can rest snuggly in a corner of the living area. These provide an extra storage surface for drinks and snacks when you have guests at home.
  1. Install an Entertainment Display: If you install a TV in your living room, maximize the available space by leveraging a media wall idea. You can select a media console design featuring integrating shelving to store movies, books, CDs, and other media accessories.
  1. Create Hidden Storage with a Lift-up Coffee table: Maximize storage in your living space by making use of an innovative lift-up coffee table to serve as hidden storage. A coffee table with a lift top can be used to store items while serving as a workstation or a desk upon lifting.
  1. Maximize the Use of Alcoves: If you have alcoves in the living space, you can make the most of them as primary storage spaces. To maximize storage, you can leverage the bottom shelves for ample storage. The bottom area can be utilized as a built-in unit to minimize the wastage of space.
  1. Include a Designer Sideboard: Sideboards can be utilized for hiding clutter in your living room. The top of the furniture essential can be a great place to come up with interesting décor. You can fill in the cabinet with old newspapers and magazines to cover up the entire clutter.
  1. Get Modular: To create living room storage to perfectly suit your diverse needs, a modular storage system can be a long way to go. You can go ahead with customizing its size, open or closed storage, and overall layout. The flexible shelving concept of modular living spaces is trending all around.
  1. Install a Separate Window Seat: Do you have bay windows in the living room? You can utilize the available space as a separate window seat with hidden storage. They can be perfectly used for storing blankets, cushions, and bedding while enhancing the aesthetics of the space.
  1. Include Floating Shelves: Floating shelves appear lovely. Moreover, they double up as a decorative item too as you can leverage them to include ample personality into the space.
  1. Opt for Storage Sofa: You can come across plenty of options in the furniture market having dedicated storage compartments -great for apartment living rooms.
  1. Include Displays with Glass Cabinets: When you choose a glass cabinet over a standard one, light can flow through your storage while making it appear less bulky. Moreover, it also does not break up your room.
  1. Include Baskets: Baskets can fit any space while complementing any style. They are great for storing books, blankets, magazines, toys, and so more.
  1. Hang Baskets on the Wall: Do not like baskets on the floor? You can hang them on the walls to create more depth and dimension to the space.
  1. Use Multi-purpose Furniture: For instance, install a cube shelf in the living room area to store knick-knacks.



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