10 Living Room Furniture Arrangements For A Small Room

10 Living Room Furniture Arrangements For A Small Room - FWD

Furniture arrangements for a living room can be tricky and always challenging, especially for a small room. 

Unlike any other room in the house, a living room is the one room where people spend most of their time. And also one where they accommodate guests.

Therefore, furniture arrangement in a living room plays a key role in the décor of the entire house and not just one particular room. 

Here are 10 living room arrangement tips that you can follow to ensure that you make the most out of your small living room space! 

1. Add Cabinets

Adding cabinets ensures a minimalistic look, free from unnecessary clutter. It ensures that the important stuff is within an arm’s reach and required as it is hidden away within the room itself. 

2. Choose Smaller Furniture:

While shopping, go for furniture pieces in proportion to the living room, which would complement the room. Avoid the bulky sofas and elaborate armchairs to avoid cluttering the small spaces.

3. Store Away Some Spare Chairs:

Due to the tiny size of the living room and the bare minimum number of chairs put there, it is always advisable to store extra chairs to ensure adequate seating for any number of guests and family members, if and when required. 

4. Get Rid Of That Sofa:

Technically, there is no rule saying that every living room requires a sofa. Instead of one sofa, try shaking things up by circling a few chairs around a table to give your room a different and minimalistic look! 

5. Put Low Seats:

Utilize the wall completely by putting low seats like stools and such, backed up against the wall in such a way that it does not just provide back support to whoever sits on it but also takes less space than the normal chairs do. 

6. Opt For Multifunctional Furniture:

In a place where space is limited, multifunctional furniture goes a long way to ensure a minimalistic design and make good use of the room. With multifunctional beds that can transform into a sofa, it is a money saver as much as a space saver as you would get 2 for the price of one! 

7. Add Plants to “be one with nature”:

Adding plants adds a ‘green and serene look to the room and gives the room an illusion that there is more to the room than what meets the eye. Save the corner for some plants, water them regularly to add a splash of colour to your living room! 

8. Utilize The Walls:

The living room is the hub of all activity for both you and your guests. Using the wall for pictures, motivational quotes, mirrors, decorations, etc., will go a long way as it adds to the entire room’s pleasant aesthetics.

 9. Make The Best Out Of The Ceiling:

If you are lucky enough to get a relatively high ceiling, add a chandelier or something similar to give the whole room a classy vibe! 

10. Declutter Regularly:

In any room, the chances of unnecessary things being accumulated at a steady pace are very high. So ensure regular cleaning and stashing away unnecessary stuff to maintain the minimalistic aesthetics of your small living room 

With these tips at your disposal, please make the most out of your living room and transform it into your hub that reflects the artist within you!